We’ll partner with you to meet any goals.

Our expert team of construction consultants and technical advisors can partner with project owners to achieve any strategic, financial or facility goal. We work with professionals at any level—from ownership to senior management to the employee base—to ensure all objectives are met. Whether you need a detailed estimate or a solid restoration plan, we can help get the job done.

Forensic Consulting

Courtesy General will investigate to determine the cause and extent of observed damages or suspected defects through a method of analyzing the underlying structural elements. The information gathered can then be used for the design of remediation. 

Common use of forensic engineering include:

  • Construction defect investigation:  We perform both visual and intrusive investigations to determine compliance of subject structure to the construction plans and the building codes.  We can also design a cost-effective course to remedy any defects.
  • Water intrusion investigation:  We perform excavations and coring of retaining walls where feasible, to determine the condition of waterproofing at the damaged areas. We can then design a cost-effective course of repairs.
  • Structural damage/failure investigation:  We perform intrusive investigation to determine the cause and extent of structural damages, and prepare a complete document for the repairs.

Structural Engineering

Whether you need help with the design of a new building or the expansion of your current one, Courtesy General’s licensed professionals have the ability to offer a wide range of structural engineering services to build new buildings or repair existing.

Our Structural Engineering services include:

  • Design of new buildings: We create the full design package of a new structures; our expertise includes timer-framed buildings, timber trusses, concrete podium structures, masonry buildings, retaining walls, concrete piles and shoring.
  • Design of building repairs: We can create the design package for the restoration of an existing building from damages. Our services include site survey, damage evaluation, and cost-effective repair design to code-compliant condition.
  •  Upgrade/expansion of existing buildings: At Courtesy General, we perform a site survey to determine the condition of the existing building, and provide a full design package to upgrade or expand the building in full compliance with the building code with minimal disturbance to the original structure.
  • Analysis of existing buildings: When the structural integrity of a building is in question, we can evaluate to determine whether the building complies with the most current building code and construction practices. Where deficiencies are found, we can also produce remediation design to fix the condition.

Civil Engineering

Courtesy General’s team has the training and experience to address a wide variety of infrastructure development, natural system design, and related construction management issues for industrial, municipal, commercial and governmental clients.

We have the technical capabilities and resources necessary to successfully complete a design project of any size.

Our Civil Engineering design tasks include:

  • Steel and concrete structures
  • Fine grading
  • Rough Grading
  • Street design
  • Erosion control
  • Storm drain and sewer design
  • Retaining walls
  • General Site development

Environmental Engineering

At Courtesy General, our extensive experience in environmental engineering includes conducting numerous environmental site assessments involving indoor air quality, mold, asbestos and lead-based paint; and providing consulting and management services for the associated remediation projects.

Our experienced staff has worked with a wide variety of regulatory agencies including air quality management districts, local county health departments, city departments of public works, city fire departments, and various departments within the State of California and United States Federal Environmental Protection Agencies.  

Our experienced staff maintains certification and continuing education for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response; proper training and certification for compliance with regulatory standards; and supervisory training.

Our environmental engineering and remediation related services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessment surveys involving mold and indoor air ventilation systems, remedial design and specification, and remedial and post-remedial monitoring and testing services.
  • Asbestos Containing Material assessment surveys and remedial monitoring services.
  • Lead-Based Paint assessment surveys and remedial monitoring services.
  • Water damage assessment surveys and remedial monitoring services.
  • Consultation for compliance with regulatory agency guidelines and requirements, and permitting.
  • Research of new remedial technologies and regulatory compliance issues.
  • Health and Safety plan and program development and implementation.


Architectural Design

From measuring existing floor plans to creating brand new ones, Courtesy General’s expert teams of certified and licensed consultants can offer a wide range of architectural design services to ensure your project is brought to life in the exact way you envision.

Courtesy General’s expert team of consultants offers a wide range of architectural design services including but not limited to the following:

  • Preliminary Services: We can provide the field measuring of existing floor plans, furniture and building facades, with existing conditions drawings if needed. We can also evaluate existing buildings for project feasibility.
  • Additions/Remodels: We have the ability to provide conceptual floor plans or space planning and can provide computer renderings if needed.
  • Design Development Services: We can provide design development drawings while refining construction details and specifications.
  • Construction Phase Services: WE provide observation of the construction in progress and act accordingly (provide reports, issue recommendations for payments, approve/reject work, etc.).
  • Interior Design Services: Depending on on type and complexity of the project, our team at Courtesy General can work with owners to select interior finish materials and colors or to coordinate with our interior design consultant.
  • ADA/ Life and Safety compliance: We provide review and design services to adhere to all Handicap, City, Building, and Fire regulation