“I don’t know that there is any way I can possibly express to you my gratitude for all that you have done for me in the restoration of my home.

To be able to sleep soundly, as I am now able to do, knowing that I am no longer haunted with the concerns of my home falling apart, yet alone worrying about the rat motel in my attic (!), I am now able to return to my old life where my home is my security.

You and your support staff have restored my faith and belief in people, as well as the basic premise that the world indeed is filled with good people.

My respect for you is surpassed only by the peace that I now feel since you and your company have entered my life and restored my foundation – that is my home.

I wish you and yours all the very best!”

Jackie McCarthy
“Hi everyone, The vice president of the bank who is assisting us visited the property today. He has a lot of experience with condo reconstruction projects. He was very impressed with the roof and the caliber of the work which has been done, including the sloping and attention to detail. We walked the entire roof so he could see the old, new and in progress. Many homeowners comment on the quality of work. So when the homeowners complain remember that most admire and appreciate the workmanship….I certainly do! Please pass these comments on to Frank, Jose and the other hard working guys who are creating the world’s best roof.”
Linda Diamond, HOA Board Mmeber
“As someone who deals with problems all day long for people, it is nice , no, it is very nice to hear good news like this. Congratualtions to you all.”
Kelly G Richardson Esquire